EzeeWash brings the highest quality of environment friendly dry steam cleaning and sanitising service for all cars, trucks, company fleets at your doorstep. Travel and commute is an essential part of our lives and following the highest safety protocols in regular activity of our lives can be seldom overlooked. EzeeWash sanitising and steam wash has anti-microbial effect thereby ensuring your safety is prioritized at all times.

Services provided by Kreative Keys for EzeeWash:


  • Competitive Analysis

  • Customer Profiling

  • Naming - EzeeWash

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Identity Design

  • Communication Design

  • Brand Website Design

  • Ongoing Brand Building Support

Health & Hygiene at every human touch point has become important. After sessions of brainstorming for names we unanimously agreed with EzeeWash - expressing brand promise to the clients. A name that is relevant and high on recall. We engaged with EzeeWash from a very nascent stage to conceptualise Logo and Brand Identity, designing a logo which is ecologic and holistic, an emblem of assurance that safety and health in commuting is the company mission.


The website design is modern but informative, placing elements of health and assurance at the design paramount. Benefits of steam wash over conventional washing have been sighted for quick reference and understanding.