Immersiiois a passion project of Tripti Sanganeria. Immersiio brings gourmet delights made with fresh natural ingredients, a pinch of magic and home made love. Every product has been carefully curated from an assortment of most popular recipes from around the world. These classics and classics with a twist, will make your palates crave for more with their sumptuous taste. 

Services provided by Creative Keys for Immersiio:


  • Brand Strategy & Brand Personality

  • Packaging Design

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Brand Identity Guidelines

  • Communication Design

  • Social Media Management

Immersiio brings forth organic and healthy assortment of dips and sauces from world cuisine to your plate. We made a communication strategy which is authentic, emphasise of brand offering and is relatable.


Visual identity through menu design, packaging and sample testers was created to encourage brand placement in the minds of consumer. The brand identity thus crafted has premium and modern feel. Simplistic and elegant brand design makes it classic


For Social Media we chose to work with Instagram and Facebook with Instagram being main base of the brand. The category of sauces & dips is visually enriching with usage ideas that engages the consumer experience into the most popular stress buster and preferred activity for families in Indian homes