StudioEtc is a creative and classy destination for all your stationery needs. A quirky graphic design studio, it is all about colours, aesthetics, little details that add joys to life and make gifting stationery a memorable experience. From logo designing to fun caricatures they love experimenting and creating things that reflect you.

Services Provided by Kreative Keys:


  • Brand Communication

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Brand Collaborations

StudioEtc is a bespoke gifting destination, we crafted a Social Media Strategy involving primarily Instagram and Facebook with emphasis more on Instagram. Awareness and Engagement for a page is driven by focussing on product offering with the personalisations and also enhancing the designs of the core product keeping the actual structure intact. This generated inquiries from regional and national levels that led to campaign designing for increasing awareness in untapped regions. 

The category of stationery is visually enticing, and thus the objective was to craft the brand communication with rich and powerful imagery across the social networks.